At the complete dad network

we believe strongly that raising up strong, capable, and committed fathers is essential to not only each man's individual life but also to make a positive difference in our communities and the world. We have been working tirelessly over the last few years to first build ourselves as men, and develop the knowledge and skills to lead other men to experience the success that comes with hard work, focus, commitment to core values, and above all consistency.

We have created this group to do just that and we are confident that after completing the COMPLETE DAD FOUNDATION course and joining THE COMPLETE DAD NETWORK, you will be well on your way to becoming the father, husband, and man that you want to be.

Why You Should Join Us

Being a father is all the "why" a man needs to realise the importance of doing the work to develop the strongest, wisest and most capable version of himself. And that is why you should join us. This is not a quick fix. It won't completely alter your life in 8 weeks, or improve your marriage and the way you show up as a father in a radicle way immediately. That is just not how it works, and anyone promising you that in the short term is selling you a bill of goods. It is said often, but seldom lived: THIS IS A JOURNEY. And a long, arduous one that includes many battles, victories and losses, laughter and tears, pain and joy. And that's why we do this together. We carry the load. For each other. So that our families don't end up having to do it.

Here you will work together with other committed fathers to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to do that and grow the wisdom to use these effectively to the benefit of your family. There are countless distractions out there vying for our attention and a community like this ensures that being the best man and father we can be, remains the number one priority in our lives and that we use the precious commodities of our time, energy, and emotion on what matters most. Our aim is to make the changes required to live the best we can and make those changes PERMANENT. 

We are really looking forward to doing the work with every man that steps up and joins us.

Click the membership plan below and get ready for a complete dad evolution!